The use of phased arrays in magnetic resonance imaging provides a substantial advantage in terms of image quality, due to the fact that they combine the great sensitivity inherent to the surface coils with the multi-channel capability.

Neos Biotec's phased arrays are always designed to measure, taking into account their specific application and optimizing all the design parameters for this application.

Neos Biotec engineering team makes an initial assessment, toghether with the client, of the application requirements, to jointly define the most important characteristics of the array:

  • Number of elements.
  • Shape, dimensions and arrangement of each of the elements of the array.
  • Target acceleration factor and acceleration direction / directions (when parallel imaging is goin to be used).
  • Accessibility, integration with other components, and adaptation to the region of interest.
  • Connection interface with the MRI scanner.

Common characteristics of all phased arrays built by Neos Biotec:

  • Available for any field (B0) strength.
  • Low noise pre-amplifiers integrated in the phased array.
  • Possibility of integration with other elements placed on the animal: electrodes, sensors, stimulators, administration of anaesthesia ...